At the beginning of this year OmniArte and Stonehage Fleming, one of the world’s leading independently owned Multi Family Offices, have agreed to merge and I have been asked to become the Executive Chairman of their art management department.

To insure continuity to our current clients, Denise Morax and Johanna Schultheiss, my long term colleagues, are joining me.

Running my own company between London and Zurich has been a challenge, an endless resource for new projects, and has provided the chance to get to know inside out a number of art collections. It is with this in mind that I embrace the opportunity to work with a larger international company and have a broader sounding board. 

As the world of art has become much more complex, it requires energy and experience, insight and global view, knowledge and consideration to look after art collections: an ethos that OmniArte shares with Stonehage Fleming.

I look forward to continuing the relationships established with all of you who have supported me, worked with me, inspired me, and provided invaluable advice and professionalism throughout the years.

Maria de Peverelli